Life is a journey.

In fact, it is two journeys.

There is a horizontal journey towards Self-Fulfillment

There is a vertical journey towards Enlightenment.

Which Journey are you on?


  • My goal is to become the best I can be.
  • I accept my culture’s view of reality.
  • There are many forms of transformation.
  • I set goals and work to achieve them.
  • What changes? My perceptions.
  • Change comes and goes.
  • My perceptions are altered with time.
  • My outer focus is achievement.
  • My inner focus is happiness.


  • My goal is to discover who “I” really am.
  • I wish to learn the true nature of reality.
  • There is only one permanent transformation.
  • I surrender control — life lives me.
  • What changes? The structure of my consciousness.
  • There is one major change and it is forever.
  • My outer focus is to see reality.
  • My inner focus is to feel oneness.

These differences might bring you to a fork in the road.

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